10 Reasons to Take Advantage of IT Staffing Solutions

Staffing solutions take businesses to the next level of success by connecting them with some of today’s top talent. 

Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring talented professionals in today’s society can sometimes feel like a battle that can’t be won. A single bad hire can impact a company’s bottom line significantly and put hiring managers into a frenzy. 

If you feel you’re alone in this struggle, you can rest easy knowing you aren’t. A survey conducted by CareerBuilder revealed 66% of employers in the United States have been negatively impacted by a bad hire. Even more mind-boggling is 27% of those employers said a single bad hire cost them at least $50,000 in lost revenue. When you total this loss with the project delays that result from a bad hire, a clear picture is formed revealing just how important every single hire is to the company.

In an effort to combat the complexities of hiring employees who are worth keeping on board, and in an attempt to retain these workers, we are seeing a major increase in the use of staffing agencies. More specifically, in the use of specialized staffing agencies that excel in certain niches, like information technology (IT). 

According to the American Staffing Association, more than 15 million people each year gain employment, either part-time or full-time, through a staffing agency. 35% of those working through staffing agencies are able to land a permanent job. And 90% of those working through the agencies state the work they obtain has made them more employable and has expanded their skill sets.

The True Value of Your IT Department

An IT department impacts all aspects of a business. These are the workers who gain special and valuable insights regarding the intricacies of a company’s operations, and when tapped into, these insights can propel a business toward success. 

When an IT department is comprised of partially-competent employees, it puts the entire organization at risk for data loss, data breaches, and hacking. 

Filling your IT department with individuals who know how to use PowerPoint and Excel is a great start, but if this is where their IT knowledge ends, you’re putting the company’s core communications and all IT-related activities at risk.

A small technological change that isn’t properly monitored and addressed by your IT staff can lead to:

  • Increased operating costs
  • Poor communication
  • Decreased productivity
  • Loss of customers
  • Lower levels of revenue

Your IT department needs to be comprised of individuals who have in-depth IT knowledge. In the least, they should know how to:

  • Perform server patch updates
  • Streamline communications across various networks
  • Relocate data centers
  • Work with hard drives and hard disks
  • Avoid configuring open relays
  • Block spam servers
  • Update all IT hardware and software
  • Work well in a hybrid cloud environment

Don’t know how to find employees who possess this type of knowledge, or don’t have the time to find them? There’s no need to fret because an IT staffing agency can find, recruit, interview, and hire the workers for you.

IT Staffing Solution Case Study

In 2008, a Fortune 500 company operating in the financial services industry partnered with an IT staffing solution to find employees who could increase its digital and e-commerce capabilities. 

The staffing agency placed digital talent at the company’s offices in Charlotte and  San Francisco. As a result, the company has experienced significant growth and now has a cost-efficient workforce in place. Over the years, the staffing agency has placed more than 200 employees with the Fortune 500 company. 86 of these workers have actually converted into full-time IT employees. 

The company’s VP and Digital Marketing Manager says thanks to the staffing agency’s level of commitment and support, the company has been able to meet all of its business priorities by enhancing its overall deliverance of financial services and products to consumers, especially those relating to digital space and information technology.

Top 10 Reasons to Take Advantage of IT Staffing Solutions

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Fast Placement

An IT staffing solution already has applicants waiting to be placed with your company. In fact, it’s not uncommon for an agency to fill vacant positions in less than three days. And being that the applicants have already been interviewed, the staffing agency will know exactly which ones can best fill each of your vacant IT roles.

Enhanced Expertise

Unless your HR department has specific and in-depth knowledge of IT-related activities, there’s a good chance they won’t know which skill sets to look for when hiring IT employees. With a specialized staffing agency, you get access to hiring managers who have IT industry-specific knowledge and expertise.

Valuable Feedback

IT staffing solutions can provide feedback regarding the exact people you need to be looking for to fill your vacant IT roles.

Time Savings

Gone are the days of wasting time interviewing candidates who say they are qualified yet don’t have the skills or credentials needed to fill your IT roles. A specialized staffing agency will have already verified the candidates it sends to work with you.

Agency Employee Benefits

Many IT workers expect health insurance and retirement to be provided when they come on board with your company. And if you want to retain today’s top talent, you’ll need to offer this as part of the hiring package. However, if you can’t afford to provide these benefits, the workers can still take advantage of them through the staffing agency.

Wider Selection of Candidates

You’ll get access to hundreds, possibly thousands of IT candidates when going through an IT staffing agency to fill your vacant roles. 

Access to Top Talent

Many of today’s most talented IT workers prefer to work on a freelance basis, which is why they find jobs through staffing agencies. It expands their access to different openings and allows them to pick and choose which ones they want to pursue. 


No one wants to waste money on interviewing candidates who aren’t going to be a good fit. A staffing agency will already have in place a list of candidates who are a good match for your company. 

Increased Productivity

The longer you go without filling vacant IT positions, the more your productivity levels are going to suffer. With a specialized staffing agency, you can fill positions in a matter of days and keep productivity levels at an optimal level. 


There are likely various times throughout the year you need to ramp up production. It’s during these times you can use a staffing agency to scale your workforce. When production needs to come to a halt or slowed down, the staffing agency can find a different place of work for any temps you have hired.

The Takeaway: Contact an IT Staffing Solution Today

After partnering with an IT staffing solution, many hiring managers find themselves wondering why they hadn’t done it sooner. From increases in productivity to lower overhead HR expenses, there are numerous benefits to be gained. If your company is looking for talented IT staff, contact Basic Solutions today. We are here to transform your data center infrastructure with pure confidence.