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Safe, Efficient, Reliable IT Equipment Relocation

Basic Solutions Corp. has a team of highly experienced technicians, project managers, IT movers, packers, drivers, and support staff with hundreds of successful data center relocation projects completed in every major market in the USA.

Since 2002, Basic Solutions has successfully relocated hundeds of data centers across North America and internationally. Through these many relocations, and data center consolidation projects BSC has discovered that there are three ke elements to every success relocation project:

  • An accurate inventory of all applications, servers, storage and other assets involved.
  • A thorough understanding of asset inter-dependencies.
  • A perfect “runbook” – the minute-by-minute move-day plan for all relocation activities.

BSC Relocation Services employ by a multi-step process that includes:

  • Pre-move meeting coordination
  • Develop move matrix and lab layouts (move from and move to locations)
  • Design color coding and floor plans
  • Hang signage for movers and floor plans
  • Give packing instruction classes to engineering and IT teams if required
  • Help develop a clean-up and e-waste plan
  • Provide repurposing solutions for test and networking equipment
  • Develop detailed relocation schedule and assigned task by vendor and client
  • Logistic support for cross country packaging and shipment requirements
  • Manage and schedule lab support pre and post-move as required

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