Enabling Optimization Across
Your Entire Data Center
& Engineering Infrastructure
Transform Your Data Center infrastructure with Confidence. We will work with you every step of the way to maximize your strategy and allow you to customize for your specific Data Center needs.

24/7 access to highly-trained operations technicians on-site at our data centers.

Do you have business requirements that mandate the dedication of IT staff to revenue-focused initiatives? Or, does your IT team lack the time or expertise to perform technical tasks within your physical IT environment?

Our remote hands service allows you to quickly open support tickets or contact our trained and experienced technical staff directly to assist you in resolving onsite issues or taking care of routine tasks ranging from switch resets to advanced troubleshooting.

Basic Solutions Remote Hands Support services

With Basic Solutions Remote Hands Support services, you can engage a team of vetted, well-trained, full-time employees to provide a suite of installation and ongoing technical support services. Available on demand or for a set number of hours per month, our Installation and Remote Hands Support services include:

  • Installation, configuration and testing of new equipment
  • Cable and fiber infrastructure installation
  • Decommissioning, destroying and replacing equipment that has met lifecycle requirements
  • Cycling power or rebooting IT assets
  • Visual equipment checks and scheduled data center walkthroughs
  • Remote troubleshooting assistance
  • Loading, rotating and vaulting media
  • IT asset inventory and tracking

What Are The Business Benefits To Deploy Remote Hands

  • Increased manpower for day-to-day technical tasks
  • Freedom to focus on strategic initiatives
  • Enhanced productivity among IT staff
  • Full global coverage
  • On-demand or pre-paid subscription service options

Looking For Remote Hands Support?

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